We understand that architecture isn’t just about putting together brick and mortar and creating a container for storing lives. Architecture is about stories, aesthetics, function and feel.

So how do you ensure that your buildings and the stories they tell are presented in the best way possible.

We take a look at some of the WordPress themes that we believe are the best if you are an architect.


This is a theme built for beautiful imagery. It’s simplistic in it’s layout, making sure that what stands out is your design and vision.


Architect is another simplistic theme, designed to represent your work in a clean and simple way, without loosing the sense of the personality behind the work. With several portfolio solutions, this theme works both if you only have a few key projects you wish to show off, or have several projects in your catalogue.


This theme is bold and is sure to set you apart from the rest. Want to use a gallery layout to present your latest project? No problem. Feeling a bit bolder and want to use video-backgrounds and full screen imagery? MIES can do that as well. In short, MIES is for the agency that wants to make a statement. A bold statement.


Arctic is modern and light and with the possibility of embedding click-able text-boxes in your images and with collapsable description boxes, this theme truly allows for you to tell the stories behind the architecture*.


One Studio is clean and sophisticated. With a few bold features it lets each individual project stand out, but still compliment each other. The aesthetic is minimal and this theme is ideally suited for the agency looking for a classy and time-less website.


*Note that this theme is not fully responsive, and some features will be lost on smaller screens.

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