Good time management and organizational skills are essential for the workplace and getting your projects off the ground. Effective timekeeping will not only allow you to be clear about what you have got to do and when it has to be done by, but will also make future tasks easier to complete.

With good timekeeping, your organizational skills should follow suit; you’ll be able to minimize the time which goes on unnecessary searching of documents, important files, folders and so on. A time management plan helps you to break down large goals into smaller, easily achievable tasks and forces you to complete those tasks on schedule, as well as help you to gauge your level of productivity and even boost your confidence in the workplace as a result. Here we’ve selected a few articles that we think will help you to progress towards meeting that goal…

1. Entrepreneur and programmer Patrick McKenzie, whose work we found via the Guardian website and, writes about how we should manage time like our debts and assets. Not only is it an interesting read, but also provides great insight to the realities of managing a startup business as well as self-employment. Read his blogpost here.

2. Creativity Post‘s article on 21 Management Tips to Hack Productivity recommends a more mindful approach when it comes to completing tasks on schedule; by learning to say no and taking an appropriate amount of time for yourself, your body and mind will function optimally and effective time keeping should follow.

3. We found‘s piece on how to manage time was not only informative, but also engaging as they touch upon the relativity of time and how we make sense of it. Read their top 10 tips here.

4.‘s Dustin Wax writes about the benefits of being punctual, and how it conveys far more than just a good sense of timing. He raises the important point that we should consider the message we’re sending to others when prioritizing tasks.

5. Don’t have enough time to read all these articles? Then stick on Brian Lehrer’s podcast on Mindful Time Management for on in the background as you work away… Brian leads the conversation with best-selling author of Time Management from the Inside Out (Holt Paperbacks, 2004), Julie Morgenstern. It’s a reassuring listen; reminding us that we’re all human (and not robots) after all.

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