This week we watched a talk by James Kitto and Alex Pomery, from Free: Formers on maximizing your digital footprint using Social Media.

The whole thing is really interesting, but here are some facts we took away from it – which were news to us:

On twitter there’s a limit to the amount of characters you can use. We knew that already. And we also knew that fewer is better. But did you know the same goes for Facebook, and that in fact Facebook posts with only between 40-80 characters has the best chance of reaching a big audience.

Branding is everything, or at least it’s a lot. For those of you who have chosen to incorporate Red or Orange in your brand, you’re in luck. At least if you’re planning to have an active Pinterest presence, because on Pinterest, boards with posts which are red, orange and vertical are much more likely to gain followers than others.

Timing is key. And we all know there are certain time of days, you should post to certain social media channels. But did you know that you can see when your key audience and your followers are engaging with your specific posts? By using some simple analysis tools, you are much more likely to ensure that your fans and followers see what you post – and share what you post.

For more valuable insight watch the video with Free:Formers here.
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