There are an abundance of themes out there to choose from. All of which comes with different functionalities and ways of putting together the individual pages. Using a page builder is by far our preferred way of working.

There are a whole host of page builders available, and some are definitely better than others. But in general a page builder makes it easy to lay out the page you wish to create and easily specify which elements go where.

Another reason why we really love page builders is that they take very little previous knowledge of web development. This isn’t so important to us, but it is important to our clients after we’ve delivered their new site, because it means that they, down the line, can easily change elements on the site.

How does it work?

When starting from scratch you simply create a new page and then start adding the desired rows or sections and then, if necessary, divide these into columns. Next you’ll add elements to these sections. These could be headings, text fields, dynamic galleries, etc. You usually add an element by simply dragging and dropping them to where you wish for them to appear. The drag and drop functionality of most of these page builders also makes it really easy for you to move sections around the page and make sure that your site is laid out the best way possible.

Another nice feature of most page builders, is that they also allow for you to specify the look of the the different sections, which means that your website can easily get an exciting and unique look.

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