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Based in East Sussex, we help small businesses and start-ups, create websites that bring businesses to life online. We build your website using WordPress themes, making sure that you not only get a beautiful website, but also an affordable one.

With backgrounds in business, communication and web-development, we use our experience and expertise to make sure you get a website, that not only looks great, but also works for you and your business.

How does it work?

Our Process

Have a chat

Talk to us

Before we start building your site we’ll have a chat to get a better understanding of your business and the aim of the website.

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Find a theme

We’ll help you find a WordPress theme which will match your expectations of look and functionality of your new website.

Build a website structure

Building the framework

We’ll propose a site structure which aims to give your visitors the best possible user experience.

Add your website content

Content population

Once we’ve settled on the structure we’ll start implementing your content throughout the site.

Review your website


Once we’re done implementing your content, we’ll send the site to you for a review. Give us your feedback and we’ll make it happen.

Make your site go live

Go live

Once you’re happy with your brand new website, we’ll make it go live!

“We created Swarm because we want to help you, the small business owner or start-up, by making sure you have the best possible website, even if you don’t have unlimited means.”




Advanced Features

We offer the ability to extend your website even further, with advanced functionality to go above and beyond the standard site features. For example event management, appointment booking systems, quotation engines and more.



Complete Website

Do you need a full website to promote your business and services? We set up all of the pages for you, help you determine the best possible navigation and generally make sure that the usability of your site is as good as it can be.




Setting up shop online? Let us build your e-commerce site for you. We’ll help you determine the perfect layout to support your brand and guide you through designing the perfect shopping experience for your customers.



What people say

What we think

Creating an Enjoyable Workplace

Creating an Enjoyable Workplace

A strict ‘heads down’ work ethic has never been good for morale, instead it subdues innovative thinking and creativity which could drive your business forward. As a new business/startup, you may feel the pressure when it comes to time and money. We’ve come up with some ideas on how to create an enjoyable working environment that should…

A Beginners Guide to Yoast SEO

A Beginners Guide to Yoast SEO

All of our sites come launched with the SEO Yoast Plugin. We do so because it is a great indicator of whether you are doing a good job of crafting good copy for your website – copy which you will put you in a better position to rank well for those keyterms which are important…

First Impressions: Why Images Matter

First Impressions: Why Images Matter

  First impressions matter. People form their opinion in milliseconds based on visual appeal; this is what influences a viewer the most when first visiting a website.